Thursday, September 13, 2012

cute sweater

   The sweater is the necessary in autumn, how to collocate with the simple sweater,

   The sweater collocates with exaggerate necklace, it looks so fashion, loose style can help you to hide your fat, big collar is very sexy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Everyday is a hope.

Today I find my aloes which are withered and yellow on the last week become greener in the morning, and have more one leaf. It is so strong. I have forgotten it one week. It not only gives up itself, but also grows into munch more wonderful. I have a perfect mood instant when I see this. I water it before I go to work. I hope it can get along with me all the time. My life is terrible in the near future that makes me tired. But now, I feel relaxed. I believe that everyday having new surprise, and everyday is a new beginning. Do not feel I am a sensitive girl, because I am an affettuoso girl.
At the moment,I will share my two favorite cloths.Green represents hope;blue represents calm.

Monday, September 10, 2012

bandage dress

    I have return from the scenic spots. the rafting is really fantasy.
I   love the feeling, through i have spend on 8 hours on the way, and i drench after the rafting, but it still deserves.
       If you tired and you have the bad emotions, i advise you have a outdoor sports. it's really relaxed after that dear.
after coming back, i found my polyvore have increased, my sets becomes more beautiful?
      Anyway so happy